2017 High School Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2017 High School Scholarship Recipients. Each student was presented a certificate at their high school award program last Spring. Through their hard work and determination they proved to be students that Benton Community Foundation wanted to recognize and encourage to continue their educational endeavors. We wish them the best of luck! 


2017 High School Scholarship Recipients


Georgia Hutzler was awarded the Dale & Thomasina Trout Scholarship

Danielle Bowlby was awarded the David Bruce Belcher Scholarship

Kindra Coleman was awarded the David Bruce Belcher Scholarship

Rachel Worley was awarded the Ruth & Julian Adams Memorial Scholarship

Anna Collins was awarded the Harry & Lorraine Lagestee Scholarship

Turtle McCloskey-Potter was awarded the Robert W. & Cleo Wakefield Burtner/Maybelle Game Carlson Scholarship

Joshua Pauls was awarded the John C. & Jeanne L. Mackey Endowed Scholarship

Trevor Neal was awarded the Loren J. & Audrey W. Smith Scholarship Fund

Catelyn Clark was awarded the Coopey Boys’ Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Lusardi was awarded the Knights of Pythias Scholarship

Mylene Gorzynski was awarded the Allen R. & Jean H. Peters Family Fund Scholarship

Hannah Singleton was awarded the Dale & Thomasina Trout Scholarship

Hannah Whipple was awarded the Emily & Vic Logan Scholarship

Steven Kontra was awarded the John & Nancy Dennis Scholarship

Connor Stoops-Smith was awarded the Marjorie Rowett Sutherland Scholarship

Samantha Garcia Aguilera was awarded the Robin V. Jensen Memorial Scholarship

Christopher James was awarded the Masonic Lodge Scholarship

Ruchira Agarwal was awarded the CT Wang Scholarship

Brittany Rainey was awarded the Peter & Barbara Hutton/Otto J. & Adelia Hahn Scholarship

Kevin Kincaid was awarded the John Callahan Memorial Scholarship

Kevin Kincaid  was awarded the Bob & Billie Holcomb Family Youth Hall of Fame Scholarship

Brittany Rainey was awarded the Herb & Peggy Ballard Scholarship

Cal Stueve was awarded the Louie Locke Athletic Scholarship

Cal Stueve was awarded the Harry & Lorraine Lagestee Scholarship

Clark Hellesto  was awarded the Scott Minter Memorial Cross Country Scholarship