Corvallis Caring Place

Corvallis Caring Place is a not-for-profit assisted living residence providing dignity and compassion in a life-enriching environment. It opened its doors to its first residents in July 2002 as a nonprofit assisted living facility to serve the needs of the senior population. Corvallis Caring Place has 42 living units, 24 hour care and offers 3 meals a day. The home is located within easy walking distance to shopping and the Corvallis Senior Center. Many activities are provided both on and off site, with a handicap-equipped bus available for trips off campus.

The vision for Corvallis Caring Place was first established by Betty and Francis Johnson in 1990. Betty in particular saw a need for an assisted living facility in Corvallis that would accept a large percentage of residents who were eligible for Medicaid. Under Betty’s leadership, a small group of local citizens negotiated with the Archdiocese in Portland to purchase a piece of land on 23rd Street next to St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Money was raised to purchase the property and build the facility, and Corvallis Caring Place opened its doors in 2001.

The name of the facility reflects its mission: to be a caring place. “I am impressed with the ease with which residents deal with staff and vice versa,” said Vars. “There is a home-like atmosphere surrounding the care of elderly people, and it’s treasured by the residents and the staff.”

One of the things that makes Corvallis Caring Place unique is the resident council that meets once a month. Ten to 15 residents meet once a month to voice concerns, share ideas on improving their living experience, and hear complaints. The board of directors receives copies of the minutes of the resident council meeting, ensuring that issues raised are addressed by administrators. From the board’s perspective, caring extends beyond an attitude toward residents to also caring for employees.

Corvallis Caring Place established an Agency Endowment with BCF to provide a stream of income to defray the cost of services.  Annual distributions from the endowment enable Carovallis Caring Place to keep residents’ costs low, provide employee benefits such as medical education grants, maintain the facility and its equipment, and improve programs.