Lagestee Rural Initiative

About the Initiative

The Lagestee Family established the Harry and Lorraine Lagestee Community Endowment in 2009, for the purpose of supporting efforts in Philomath, Blodgett, Alsea, and Summit. Since then, BCF has expanded our support of rural Benton County and in 2015 launched the Lagestee Rural Initiative, which has funded education, prevention programs, and shelter for victims of violence, families in crisis, or affected by substance abuse. The initiative also provides food, health services, clothing, and shelter to meet the basic needs of children, young adults, and families in crisis.


Strengthening Rural Families

Strengthening Rural Families

Since 2015, Strengthening Rural Families (SRF) has been the lead organizer for the Lagestee Initiative. SRF collaborates to promote the health and well-being of individuals in rural communities. With your support we can continue to fund this innovative approach, which addresses local needs while helping children, youth, and families in rural Benton County.



2018 Grants in Rural Benton County



Community Grants


Designated Funds


Lagestee Endowment




2018 Recipients Include

Alsea Community Effort
Alsea Food Bank
Benton County Historical Society & Museum
Blodgett Elementary School
Blodgett/Summit Rural Fire Protection District
Coastal Range Food Bank, Inc.
Hoskins-King’s Valley Rural Fire Protection District
Kings Valley Charter School
Philomath Community Pool
Philomath Community Services
Philomath High School
Philomath Scout Lodge, Inc.
Philomath Youth Activities Club
South Benton Community Enhancement Association
South Benton County Gleaners
Strengthening Rural Families