The Majestic Theatre Performing Arts Fund

The Majestic Theater is a community owned and operated performing arts center that’s available for rent by producers, artists, and presenters. Since the theatre opened in 1990, Majestic audiences have seen thousands of local, national, and international performances. Serving both professionals and amateurs, each year the Majestic is host to more than 140 plays, musicals, music and dance concerts, operas, pageants, and variety shows. As a civic center, the Majestic offers civic groups, clubs, and nonprofits meeting spaces at affordable rates.

The Majestic was built in 1913 as the premier vaudeville house in Corvallis. During the 1930s, it was converted into a motion picture house although it occasionally hosted live plays by the OSU Theatre Department. In 1949, it was renamed the Varsity Theater. The theatre was closed in 1982 and remained boarded up until 1985, when the City of Corvallis purchased both the theatre and the building next door. A citizen-led campaign raised more than $1 million to renovate the buildings. The doors opened in April 1990 under the original name. After the first year, the City of Corvallis transitioned management of the facility to Majestic Theatre Management, Inc.

Majestic Theatre Management, Inc. (MTM) is the nonprofit member-owned corporation that operates the facility. It is governed by a board of directors, elected annually by MTM members. Through a committee system, the board determines direction, goals, plans, and policies. The MTM paid staff oversees day-to-day operations and implements plans and policies.

Volunteerism is at the heart of theatre operations. Volunteers handle a variety of tasks, such as stage lighting, acting, publicity, ushering, set painting, and carpet sweeping. Young and old alike learn new skills in the company of fellow enthusiasts and under the guidance of MTM’s professional staff.

Although MTM is primarily in the business of managing and renting the building, it also produces a few shows each year. Productions have included theatrical productions, jazz and classical concerts, touring acts, and talent shows. Majestic Education is a year-round program of Majestic Theatre Management, Inc., offering quality performances and training in theatre arts, theatre etiquette, and life skills. Majestic Education activities include stage productions and a variety of classes, residencies, and workshops. Corvallis Community Theatre (CCT) is a separate nonprofit amateur community theatre that calls the Majestic Theatre its home. As a resident company, CCT presents five major theatrical productions each year.

Rentals, tickets, and tuition cover a significant portion of the cost of operations, but the theatre cannot operate without additional support through memberships, sponsorships, grants, and gifts. More than 85 percent of the events held at the Majestic Theatre are not produced by MTM, and the organization does not receive any ticket money from these events. The Majestic Theatre Performing Arts Fund administered through BCF provides a convenient way for donors to provide support for the ongoing operation of the Majestic Theatre.