Bruce Starker Fund

About the fund

Bruce Starker, co-founder of Starker Forests, Inc. with his father T.J. Starker, was killed in a plane crash in 1975. This fund is meant to honor his memory and his love for his community.

The World Forestry Center in Portland displays a plaque bearing a portrait of Bruce Starker, as well as the following brief tribute:

Throughout his career as a forester, Starker’s main interest was forest management, which to him meant the maintenance of perpetual forests for both public and private use through reforestation and sound forest conservation practices…Bruce Starker was an independent thinking, adventuresome man. Throughout his life he fostered a great respect for the land, a willingness to try new ways, and a desire to live life to its fullest.


Career: A Family Business

Professional and Community Involvement

Family Life and Tragedy