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Application Questions

Below are samples of the questions BCF asks on the universal scholarship application. Some opportunities may have additional questions.

Tip: Save your questions in a Word or Google doc, in case other scholarship applications ask similar questions. Then you are able to copy and paste your answers into other applications.

Tip: Make sure you answer every part of the question. Successful applicants have complete applications, and have made sure that they answer every part of the question.

Educational Plans and Career Goals

What are your specific educational plans and career goals? What inspires you to achieve them? How do you expect your college experience will help you achieve your goals? 

Character Limit: 2500


Please share an accomplishment that you are proud of that required endurance, hard-work, patience, or perseverance. What strengths and skills did you use to achieve it? How has this better prepared you for future challenges?

Character Limit: 2500

Extracurricular Activities

Please share your top three (3) extracurricular, athletic, volunteer, and/or community activities. Please share the reason you were passionate about your involvement. Please be sure to include any positions held, awards received, and the name of the club or organization.

Character Limit: 3500

Financial Circumstances

Do you have any special financial circumstances that would impact your ability to access or attend college, university, or trade school? If you know your EFC (Expected Family Contribution from the FASFA) number, are you confident that your parents will be able to contribute that amount towards your education? If no, please provide more details. Question will be scored by reviewers.

Character Limit: 2500