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Board of Directors March 2023

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As a community foundation, BCF provides maximum federal and state tax benefits, tailors giving plans to meet your clients’ particular needs, and provides a simplified and cost-effective alternative to a private foundation. BCF accepts a variety of assets, from cash and appreciated stocks to real estate and more complicated assets. These can be assets your clients give now or later, as part of their estate plans.

In its six decades of operation, BCF has developed a wealth of knowledge about our community.  Not only can we connect your clients with the causes they care about, we can help your clients maximize the positive impact of their gifts on the community.

By helping your client establish a Donor Advised Fund with BCF, your role as Advisor may continue from one generation to the next as the donor’s children step into the role of Fund Advisor. For large gifts, the BCF Board of Directors may approve the client’s current investment advisor to continue management of the client’s fund.  See BCF’s Investment & Spending Policy for more information concerning donor managed gifts.

BCF employs staff who are oriented toward donor-service, are skilled in solving complex gift situations, and who honor donor confidentiality and requests for anonymity. Collectively, members of our Board and Staff have the experience and expertise to help you with your questions concerning financial, legal or investment issues. 

Although our roots and our focus remains in Benton County, Oregon, we do not restrict your clients’ giving to Benton County. For more information concerning our Gifts Policy and specifics on the type of assets we accept, see our Gift Acceptance Policy.