Mission, Vision & Values


To enhance our community through philanthropy.


We aspire to co-create diverse, meaningful and innovative charitable giving that yields an exponential positive impact within local communities and beyond.


We value relationship building and living up to the trust individuals place in us.
We value thinking beyond our current limitations.
We value listening intently to diverse views and working together to find solutions that work.
We value equity in outcomes for all decisions.
We value the flexibility to explore opportunities we care about.
We value showing up for local communities and caring for all individuals we work with.

Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Benton Community Foundation is committed to developing and maintaining a culture of diversity and equity in its service to Benton County communities. We believe effective development and stewardship of charitable funds depends on trust and understanding among diverse people, and that effective grant support for children and families depends on strategies that are inclusive and intentional, designed to overcome historic inequities and create positive, systemic change. We are committed to improving the well-being and economic resilience of marginalized and underserved people within our communities and to furthering the aspirations of children, youth, and families, so all our neighbors can achieve a brighter future.

Our Commitment to You

1. Practice Organizational Excellence

2. Provide Stellar Services to Philanthropists

3. Foster Community Prosperity through Partnerships

4. Build for the Future