Agency Endowments

A steady resource in perpetuity

Agency Funds are endowed funds established by local charities to support their operations. BCF holds and invests the endowment assets, providing responsible and professional fund management. Distributions from the fund are granted back to the agency to be used at the discretion of its governing board.

Endowed funds for the Corvallis Environmental Center

One of the recent Agency Funds at BCF was established by the Corvallis Environmental Center. “The fund appealed to us because, as a community-based organization, we wanted to invest locally and be part of building up the community as a whole,” said Diane Converse, Executive Director of the Corvallis Environmental Center. The CEC’s fund is unique in that part of the endowment is restricted, while a portion of the funds can be made available to the agency in particular circumstances. This flexibility ensures the agency has what it needs to do its amazing work for our community.

To learn more about how endowments can fulfill the long-term goals of your organization, please contact our team at 541-753-1603.

Agency Endowments at BCF

Benton County Historical Society Endowment Fund
Benton County Historical Society: Irene Zenev Museum Endowment Fund
Benton Habitat for Humanity Fund
Central Linn Community Foundation Fund
Cornerstone Associates Fund
Corvallis Community Band Endowment Band
Corvallis Environmental Center Endowment
Corvallis Professional Firefighters Charitable Fund
Heart of The Valley Children’s Choir Fund
Heartland Humane Society Fund
Kings Valley Community Trust
OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation Agency Fund
Strengthening Rural Families Agency Fund
The Arts Center Agency Endowment
The Arts Center Fund for Arts Engagement
The Arts Center Fund for Staff Salaries
Vina Moses Center Agency Fund
We Care Endowment Fund
Whiteside Theatre Foundation Endowment Fund for the Holiday Movie
Whiteside Theatre General Purpose Endowment Fund