Stock Transfers

You can make tax-deductible gifts of stock, bonds, and mutual funds to Benton Community Foundation (“BCF”) in three easy steps:

1. Complete a Stock Transfer Form

Contact Us to obtain an authorization letter. This letter will need to be addressed to your financial institution or stockbroker. Your financial institution will not transfer stock without your written authorization. Be sure to sign and date this letter.

2. Submit the form

Fax or mail the letter to your financial institution or stockbroker that is holding your stock, and confirm that your letter has been received.

3. Notify us

E-mail us (or call us at 541-753-1603) to let us know when the stock will be transferred. This is important because securities transferred through the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (“DTCC”) are received anonymously, and we want to sure that you receive a tax donation receipt for your gift and the gift is designated for the purpose you intended.

Thank you for investing in our community through philanthropy!