Building the Future

After 70 years of service to Benton County, BCF took a monumental step toward the future with the purchase of the Foundation’s first permanent home. This building, which will house the new Leadership & Learning Center, was a project that grew in response to the nonprofit community’s need for increased collaboration, and the Foundation’s own growth trajectory.

By creating multi-use spaces where the vital nonprofits in our area can plan and learn together, dedicated space to generate vitality in our region, and a welcoming environment for all, we truly are building the foundation for our future. The purchase of the building and plans for renovation were the product of a multi-year assessment and plan, led in part by Diana Simpson Godfrey, BCF Board Member and the Chair of the BCF Buildout Committee. Diana says, “The intent has never been to build a showpiece. We are making a functional, comfortable, and inviting place where you feel that every consideration has been made. BCF staff helped define the difference between purchasing a space to renovate versus to innovate. While renovating is great, innovating in order to better serve nonprofits and their client is so much more inspiring.”

The renovation of the already purchased building is underway in partnership with GBC Construction and BCF sees this as only the beginning. “Expanding our capacity to support and train nonprofits to help them be more successful is so exciting,” says Diana. “If our support makes nonprofits more successful in delivering their missions, that success will trickle out and impact the success of the clients and customers, and ultimately our entire community.”

Unlimited Potential

More than just a building, a permanent space for the Benton Community Foundation would serve as a catalyst for the future work we, and our partners, are poised to do together. The Leadership & Learning Center and BCF’s new home will:

  • Invest in Nonprofit Excellence – through increased access to trainings, networking, and support for the nonprofits that serve Benton County, this space will foster continued and expanded excellence in our partners.
  • Foster a Compassionate & Cohesive Community – engage leaders and community members in supporting nonprofits and programs not previously served by BCF and expanding our mission to reach more of our neighbors with critical services.
  • Develop Innovative Answers to Meet Community Need – respond to complex issues facing our region by creating innovative solutions and work to meet our community’s needs.