Initiatives at BCF

Youth Career Exploration

The Guthrie-Millsap Initiative

The Youth Career Exploration Initiative began in the 1980s with endowed support from Bernard Guthrie and Sam L. & Margaret Millsap. These endowed funds provide financial support to help local youth develop career skills like interviewing and resume-writing, and connects them with local businesses to give them professional experience in fields they’re excited about.

The initiative has provided more than $225,000 to support youth career exploration since 2013.

Since 2014, the initiative has been carried out through T3: Training Teens for Tomorrow, a program of the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis (pictured).

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Learn more about T3: Training Teens for Tomorrow.

Supporting the Rural County

The Harry & Lorraine Lagestee Initiative

In 2009, the Lagestee family established three endowed funds at the Benton Community Foundation for the purpose of supporting children and families in Philomath, Blodgett, Alsea, and Summit. Since then, the Lagestee endowments have funded scholarships, health services, and basic needs like food and shelter.

Since 2015, this initiative has provided more than $425,000 to students and nonprofits in rural Benton County. The funding is primarily facilitated through Strengthening Rural Families and also makes direct grants to rural nonprofits.

Donate to the Lagestee Community Endowment.

Donate to the Lagestee Scholarship Endowment for students at Philomath High School.

Donate to the Lagestee Designated Endowment.