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Benton Community Foundation recognizes the key role that you play in structuring a plan to address the needs and desires of your clients who have charitable intent. Our goal is to make the charitable giving process easy and rewarding for all involved.  We can provide you with materials or gift illustrations to supplement your own materials, and are also available to attend joint meetings with your clients if appropriate. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling (541) 753-1603 or by email for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are available to discuss specific scenarios that you are handling for a client.

Find Solutions for Your Clients

My client wants to explore alternatives to a private foundation.
My client wants to leave a charitable legacy through their estate.
My client wants to transfer stock to Benton Community Foundation.
My client wants to set up a fund.
My client want to make a gift to a local charity anonymously.

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Philanthropic Planning

Talking to Your Clients About Giving
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Questions?  Call (541) 753-1603 or e-mail the CEO.