Funds at BCF

Community Giving Fund

Community Funds

Tom & Donna Allen Family Fund

Edward C. Allworth Memorial Fund

W.M. Billy & Dorothy Ball, the Philip Ball & the Waldo & Mabel Ball Memorial Fund

BCF Community Giving Fund

Harold & Arlys Benson Endowment Fund

Claude Buchanan Fund

Emma Ree Burst Fund

Albert Caffodie/Schreck Family Fund

William E. & Doris Conger Caldwell Memorial Fund

Corvallis Rotary Club Fund #1

Rotary Club of Greater Corvallis

Clifford A. and Gay L. Hall Community Grant Fund

Hispanic Children’s Fund of Benton & Linn Counties

Homeless to Housing Community Initiative Fund

Dorothy F. and Walter S. Hopkins, Jr. Fund

Claude E. & Eleanor C. Ingalls Fund

May C. Korschgen Fund

Harry & Lorraine Lagestee Community Endowment

John & Linda Martinsen Family Fund

Marvin & Shirley McDonald Endowment

Alice Mills Morrow Community Grant Endowment

Peffer-Y Trust Fund

Allen & Jean Peters Family Community Grant Fund

Glenn & Sheila Plemmons Family Fund

Ervin C. & Helen C. Reiman Memorial Fund

Elizabeth Starker Cameron Endowed Fund

T.J. & Margaret O. Starker Memorial Fund

Bruce Starker Fund

Ray & Genny Stephenson Funds

Farl Cathey Tubb Fund

Roger B. & Geraldine Williams Memorial Fund

Bernard M. Guthrie Endowment Fund

Sam L. & Margaret Millsap Endowment Fund

Stanley &  William Wilt Fund

Donor Advised Funds

The Gesell Brook Donor Advised Fund

Bob & Kitty Bunn Family Fund

Dale Clark Giving Fund

Susan & David Cook Donor Advised Fund

James S. & Cheryl L. Jordan Donor Advised Fund

Mid-Valley Bicycle Club Donor Advised Fund

Ezekiel “Zeke” Mitchel Legacy Fund

Alice Mills Morrow Donor Advised Fund

Emilie Jo Pastega Simpson Fund

Michael T. & Burmah A. Rainbolt Donor Advised Fund

Rotary Club After 5 Fund

Rotary Club of Corvallis Donor Advised Fund

ROTC & Veterans Support Fund

Sims Family Charitable Fund

Ron & Soozi Stevens Donor Advised Fund

STMF Fund (aka Seniu’s Foundation Fund)

Andrea Thornberry Memorial Fund

Traber Family Fund

Verlyne & Wayne Phillips Fund

Uerlings Family Fund

Designated Funds

Air Force ROTC Silver Talons Endowed Support Fund

Lloyd & JoAnne Anderson Memorial Fund

Benton County Diabetes Health Promotion Endowment Fund

Fred & Mary Brauti Endowment Fund

Corvallis Aqua-Thusiasts Fund

Gertrude Lunde Cropsey Memorial Fund

William P. & Dorothy M. Eddy Memorial Fund

James Eickelberg Endowed Fund

Friends of Corvallis High School Band Endowment Fund

Gene & Helen Hansen Fund

Cliff Heselton Fund

The Howland Fund to Encourage Public Participation in Art: A Donor Designated Fund Supporting The Arts Center

Heselton Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis Endowment

The Hester Coucke Exhibitions Fund: A Donor Designated Fund Supporting The Arts Center

Dr. Ken Johnson Dental Clinic Fund

Harry & Lorraine Lagestee Designated Endowment

Majestic Performing Arts Fund

Ron & Ann Marek Endowment

Alice Mills Morrow Corvallis Housing First Endowment

Alice Mills Morrow Stone Soup Endowment

Alice Mills Morrow Vina Moses Welfare Center, Inc. Endowment

Don Nelson Absolutely Flyin’ Fund

Oregon Cascades West Senior Services Foundation Fund

OSU Veterinary Medicine Scholarship Fund

Peffer Y Fund

Philomath Pool Fund

Cosima D. Vitus Rankin Fund

Walter J. & Marcia S. Reeder Family Fund

Goldie Rogers Composition Award Fund

Harris E. & Jean F. Rosendahl Fund

Kermit & Jean Starker Roth Aquatic Fund

Kermit & Jean Starker Roth Park Fund

Karly Sheehan Memorial Fund

David & Nita Smith Endowment Fund

Thompson Snyder Memorial Fund

The Steele Family Endowment: A Donor Designated Fund Supporting Arts Exhibitions at The Arts Center

The Emily Steele Sculpture Collection Fund: A Donor Designated Fund Supporting The Arts Center

Genny Stephenson Hospice Fund

Stephenson Family Meals On Wheels Fund

Stephenson Family Old Mill Center Fund

Ray & Genny Stephenson Vina Moses Fund

Beth Strong Fund

William Taubeneck Fund

Ronald E. & Terrill Johnston Welty Family Memorial Fund

Leslie & Margaret Wheeler Family Fund

E.E. Wilson Fund

Robert C. & Patricia Wilson Fund

Wilma E. Hull SouthSide Youth Outreach Fund

Scholarship Funds

Ruth & Julian Adams Memorial Scholarship

Herb & Peggy Ballard Memorial Scholarship Fund

David Bruce Belcher Fund

Benton County Rotary Youth Scholarship Endowment

Major General Julie Bentz ROTC Scholarship

Blodgett-Summit Community Club Bill Ayers Memorial Scholarship

Robert W. & Cleo Wakefield Burtner Memorial Fund

John Callahan Memorial Fund

Maybelle Game Carlson Fund

Coopey Boys’ Memorial Fund

Corvallis Woman’s Club Fund

John & Nancy Dennis Scholarship Fund

Ethan’s Coffee Fund

Tom & Pat Gallagher Endowed Scholarship Fund

David M. Gazeley Endowed Scholarship Fund

Godfrey Music Fund

Loene Pooler Guthrie Scholarship Fund

Otto J. & Adelia M. Hahn Scholarship Fund

Bob & Billie Holcomb Family Youth Hall of Fame Award Fund

Peter & Barbara Hutton Scholarship Fund

Dorothy May Jenks Endowed Scholarship Fund

Robin V. Jensen Memorial Scholarship Fund

Knights of Pythias Scholarship Fund

Jim Kohl Give Me a Chance Scholarship

Harry & Lorraine Lagestee Scholarship Endowment

Colonel Donald M. & Major Debra S. Lauer Veteran’s Scholarship Endowed Fund

Louie Locke Athletic Scholarship Fund

Emily & Vic Logan Fund

John C. & Jeanne L. Mackey Endowed Scholarship

Marys River Lodge No 221 William E. McCoy III Scholarship

Masonic Lodge Scholarship

Scott Minter Memorial Cross-Country Scholarship

Ezekiel Hennessey Mitchel Scholarship Fund

The Peter & Ellen Ogle Scholarship Fund

Allen R. & Jean H. Peters Family Fund

Lillian & Paul Petri Foreign Music Study Fund

The Resilience Scholarship Fund

Vincent B. Roberts Family Fund

H. Wayne & Edna M. Schultz Scholarship Fund

Glenn G. Shepard Memorial Scholarship

Loren J. & Audrey W. Smith Scholarship Fund

Marjorie Rowett Sutherland Scholarship Fund

The Tailwinds Fund

Dale & Thomasina Trout Scholarship Fund

Patricia McEwan Wilson Memorial Fund

OSU Scholarship Funds

Joel R Friend Fund

William Harrison Gill Education Fund

Margaret Dowell-Gravatt Fund

Lucy Hsu Ho Fund

Kilbuck Family Native American Fund

David Schacht Scholarship

Helen & Harold Smith Fund

Charles F. & Elaine Mellen Sutherland College of Forestry Education Fund

Charles F. & Elaine Mellen Sutherland Home Economics and Education Fund

Helen & Hugh Wood Fund

ROTC Scholarship Funds

94th Bomb Group Scholarship Fund

American Legion, Post #11 ROTC Scholarship Fund

Col Arnold E. “Gene” Bench & Lieutenant Frederick E. Pokorney, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Major General Julie Bentz ROTC Scholarship

LTC David & Dorothy Blasen Memorial Scholarship

Bond, Foster, Rainey Families Endowed ROTC Scholarship

Capt Robert A. Brett, Maj Gregory L. Stone, Maj James R. Trower Memorial Scholarship

Col Donald E. Carter, Lon & Mary Jensen, Helen Kirby ROTC Scholarship

Justin D. Cole & Donald R. Meeks, Jr. ROTC Scholarship

Emerald Empire MOAA Endowed Scholarship

Mark & Jennifer Fitch Family Scholarship

Col Ejner J. Fulsang; Cpt Gerry A. Harr; LTC John H. Landers, Jr.; Cecil & Martha MacGregor; LTC Stephen C. Marks Memorial Scholarship

Benjamin Gerling Memorial Scholarship

Col. Frank N. & Dorothy E. Halm Memorial Scholarship

Dixie Holder Memorial Scholarship

Eugene M. “Mitch” Beard, BG Frank & Bobbie Gillespie, LtCol Ivan B. Grimes Memorial Scholarship

Holmes Family, Mater Family, Timothy Vevoda Family ROTC Scholarship

James L. Kennedy, CMS & Mrs. James Schwab, Sibayan Family ROTC Scholarship

Jay & Kelleigh Killen Military Excellence Endowed Scholarship

Lulay ROTC Endowed Scholarship

Col. Julian & Rebecca McFadden Memorial Scholarship Fund

Honor Veterans & Patriots ROTC Scholarship

Military Officers’ Club of Corvallis; Colonel Mark H. Terrel & LTC Thomas P. Bays Scholarship

LtCol Nelson M. Olf Endowed Scholarship Fund

Lt Sidney Fredrickson, Lt Robert Hamill, Lisa Maurer Memorial Scholarship

Jacob Saunders & John-Mark Nelson Endowed Scholarship

Herbert & Harriet Sinnard Fund

Stephens, Branch & Putnam Military Service Memorial Fund

John E. Taylor Family Endowed ROTC Scholarship

Western Oregon University, SGM Charles Beauchamp Memorial Scholarship

Women in ROTC Endowed Scholarship

Walter & Irene McPherson, Anton & Helen Nizich, Michael & Maxine Rainbolt, James & Rose Rainbolt ROTC Scholarship

Agency Funds

The Arts Center Agency Endowment

The Arts Center Fund for Arts Engagement

The Arts Center Fund for Staff Salaries

Benton County Historical Society

Benton Habitat for Humanity

Central Linn Community Foundation Fund

Cornerstone Associates Fund

Corvallis Community Band Endowment Fund

Corvallis Environmental Center Endowment

Corvallis Professional Firefighters Charitable Fund

Heart of The Valley Children’s Choir

Heartland Humane Society

Irene Zenev Museum Endowment Fund

Kings Valley Community Trust Endowed Agency Fund

OSU Folk Club Thrift Shop Foundation Agency Fund

Strengthening Rural Families Agency Fund

Vina Moses Center Agency Fund

We Care

Whiteside Theatre Foundation Endowment Fund for the Holiday Movie

Whiteside Theatre General Purpose Endowment Fund

BCF Sustainability Funds

Horace B. & Dorothy Cheney Fund

Wilbur M. & Justa Harper Memorial Fund

James S. and Cheryl L. Jordan Capital Fund

James S. and Cheryl L. Jordan Sustainability Fund

Susan Poole Community Leadership Fund

Michael T. & Burmah A. Rainbolt Honoring Veterans and Patriots Capital Fund

Peter & Linda Sekermestrovich Family Fund

Thompson Administration Fund

Special Project Funds

Locke Cemetery Fund

Legacy Funds

Shirley Brennan Fund

Gilliland-Stanley LGBTQ Empowerment Scholarship Fund

Clifford A. & Gay L. Hall BCF Sustainability Fund

James S. and Cheryl L. Jordan Legacy Society Fund

Karow Family Fund for LBFS & UUFC

Karow Family Fund for the Grace Center

Kellison Community Needs Endowment

Maj. Gen. Curtis A. and Carol M. Loop Memorial Scholarship Fund

C. Randall and Doreen A. Millar Community Fund

C. Randall and Doreen A. Millar Designated Fund

Alice Mills Morrow Legacy Fund