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Claude E. & Eleanor Ingalls

Claude E. and Eleanor Ingalls had an early influence on the City of Corvallis through politics, publishing, and support of OSU. This fund is in memoriam of these two dynamic individuals.

Claude E. Ingalls died August 8, 1950, at the age of 72, a prominent and respected man. The editorial tributes paid him by his colleagues throughout the state lauded his individualism, his fearlessness in being outspoken, his personal dedication to his strong beliefs and his outstanding ability as a scholarly journalist.

A tribute from his friend and business associate, Governor Charles A. Sprague, quoted here in-part in the Salem Statesman on August 10, 1950, conveyed the feelings of his fellow journalists:

Loyalty and courage were badges appropriate to Claude Ingalls…He scorned sham and hypocrisy. He fought ceaselessly against forces which he thought were destroying the country. He would not hedge or equivocate in stating his convictions even though some subscribers might grow irate over what he wrote. During his long tenure as editor of the Corvallis Gazette-Times he enjoyed complete freedom of expression; and his reputation as a fearless editor and able writer went far beyond the Gazette-Times’ normal circulation area.

A woman of talent, ambition, and sunny disposition, Eleanor Ingalls served family, college, and community in generous measures. Dean Ralph Colby, in a memorial printed in The Lamplighter, conveyed the esteem and devotion she had inspired in these words: “And through all the years, she gathered a host of varied friends, who delighted in her humor, admired her good-natured honesty, and simply liked her for what she genuinely was.”

One of Eleanor’s most outstanding traits was probably her delightful sense of humor. Long after her death, friends would quote funny things she had said on the spur-of-the-moment.


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