Partnering for the future

Ilene McClelland, Executive Director of the Vina Moses Center, inside the center’s free store.

Executive Director Ilene McClelland’s enthusiasm for the Vina Moses Center is palpable “I get to work with an amazing group of board members, volunteers, and staff – it’s a really exciting time to be here.” 

At 104 years young, the Vina Moses Center is a grassroots organization that has long been a cornerstone of the Corvallis community.  Since Ilene’s arrival in 2020, her team has been putting in the hard work of planning for the future while adapting to the ever-changing present.  From revamping the client shopping spaces, to supporting families fleeing the 2020 forest fires, and changing services throughout the pandemic, the Vina Moses Center has been a hub of revitalized energy.  When a long-term supporter approached Ilene about helping to create an Agency Fund at BCF, she considered it another opportunity to provide for the continued growth of the organization.  

“We know there is more work to be done, and an Agency Fund at BCF will help us do that work,” remarked Ilene.  “Opening an endowment is just the start for what our future holds.”

The central mission of the organization will continue to be focused on helping people through times of hardship, engaging the community to build resilience, and improving the well-being of our neighbors.  These ideals form the cornerstones on which healthy and supportive communities are built, and unsurprisingly, are the core of BCFs values as well. 

Those shared values led the Vina Moses Center to open an Agency Fund at BCF last year.  In partnership with nonprofits, the foundation offers customizable approaches to opening endowments that enable its partners to receive funds that support operational costs, assist organizational grantmaking, and provide financial resources in uncertain times. 

To learn more about how you can contribute to the vital work done through Agency Funds, or to discuss how an endowment can help fulfill the long-term goals of your organization, please contact BCF at 541-753-1603. To make a donation into the Vina Moses Center Agency Fund, click here.