Ron & Ann Marek Endowment

About the fund

Ann and Ron Marek

Ron and Ann Marek established a designated fund with BCF to support the work of the Benton County Historical Society and Museum. The purpose of the endowment is to inspire youth to learn from and appreciate past human activity and the wonders of natural phenomena by showcasing exhibits in Benton County, Oregon which have appeal for youth. 

The couple chose to invest through the foundation because it is a stable and flexible way to invest in the community’s future and provide ongoing support for the museum. “An endowment with BCF provides for local management, recordkeeping, and accountability of funds to help support a cause to which one is committed,” said Ron. “Keeping charitable dollars in the community supports the health of the community.”

Ron and Ann share a love of old things, and collect furniture and artifacts from pre-1890 eras. For both of them, their love of the past was inspired by events early in their lives. Ann’s parents collected antique furniture and cared for the family heirlooms. Ron’s interest began when he visited museums as a youth and was substantially impacted by what he experienced.

Ron is a past president of the Benton County Historical Society. Under his leadership, the organization secured funding to purchase the property on 2nd Street in Corvallis that formerly housed Copeland Lumber. Plans are in the works to build a home at that location for the Horner Collection, most of which is now in storage, and other collections that preserve Benton County’s history.

“It is to the detriment of Corvallis that it doesn’t showcase a museum for our youth as well as our visitors,” said Ron. The Mareks used to take their two daughters, Allison and Megan, to visit the Horner Collection when the girls were young and the collection was housed at Oregon State University.


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