The Hester Coucke Exhibitions Fund: A Donor Designated Fund Supporting The Arts Center

About the fund

This is a donor-advised fund supporting The Arts Center’s public exhibition programs, and honoring the legacy of retired curator Hester Coucke. The Arts Center is a non-profit community organization located in downtown Corvallis. It offers exhibitions, learning opportunities, and cultural events surrounding art, artists, and art enthusiasts. 

Hester started as a volunteer at The Arts Center, and a 31-year career there followed. With a background in art history, she served as Youth Education Coordinator, Manager of the ArtShop, and finally, full-time curator for Public Exhibitions. She made an indelible impact on the folks she worked with, and led the center through public exhibitions connecting art and science, technology, and social issues, evolving the exhibitions as society changed over time. Learn more about Hester at The Arts Center’s page dedicated to this fund.