The Sims Family Charitable Donor Advised Fund

About the fund

The Sims Family

In September of 2021, Bryan Sims reached out to the Benton Community Foundation team, stating that his family wanted to create a Donor Advised Fund at the Foundation. Three days later, Bryan and Annie met with staff to open a new giving fund when they shared their future vision and what led them to BCF.

“We want to be part of something bigger,” remarked Bryan, who graduated from the Oregon State University College of Business program and created Brass Media in 2001 to help young adults understand the impact of their financial decisions.

“Our goal is to work with a few organizations that we, as a family, can support both monetarily and with our time…because we want to teach our kids the value of giving back,” remarked Annie Sims.

This fund supports BCF’s equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.