Women in ROTC Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship, funded through the generous donations of former women cadets; local professional and business women; and women in the Military Officers Club of Corvallis, recognizes the significant contribution of women to the military. The scholarship was organized in May 2002 with the goal of both honoring the past service of women in the military and assisting future female cadets with funding their education at Oregon State University and Western Oregon University.

The National Defense Act of 1916 expanded and standardized  the training of officers in colleges and universities and established the Reserve Officers Training Corps, ROTC. ROTC was established at OSU in 1917 and continued virtually unchanged until 1962 when ROTC was made voluntary. In 1973 the program took a significant step forward when women were allowed to enroll. The women in ROTC train alongside their male counterparts and meet the very highest standards of academic and physical performance.

The following donors established this scholarship and are committed to helping women attain a college degree and a commission in the military service:

  • Joan Rainey (‘80), USA Retired
  • Meloni (Underwood) Beauchamp (‘87)
  • Elizabeth Kennedy (‘87)
  • April Caron (‘89)
  • Laura Garren (‘89)
  • Katherine Katzenmeyer (‘96)
  • Johnna Turner (‘00)
  • Dr. Jean Mater, Military Officers Club
  • Clara Horne, OSU, Retired
  • Kathleen Heath, OSU, Retired
  • Sara Ingle, CPA
  • Jeanne Smith, Attorney at Law
  • Sylvia Detweiler, Military Officers Club
  • Gretchen R. Morris, Attorney at Law, Retired
  • Zel Brook, Corvallis Artist