Bob & Billie Holcomb Family Youth Hall of Fame Award Fund

About the fund

Bob and Billie Holcomb

As active promoters of Benton Community Foundation, Bob and Billie decided to do something a little different when they established a named fund. There were already a number of funds providing scholarships to attend college, but they wanted to honor youth who had accomplished significant deeds of character, but whose kind works too often go unnoticed. The scholarship is awarded to youth aged 8 to 18 who have demonstrated exceptional acts of courage, bravery, and/or altruism by their personal actions

Three recipients shared the first Holcomb Hall of Fame Award. According to an article in the Corvallis Gazette-Times, three Crescent Valley High School students—Tira Heartsong, Sofia Pospisil, and Jake Pratt—were on their way home from school when they saw a car on fire. They stopped to try to put out the fire, then helped the car’s owner save his belongings from the burning car and escorted him to safety.

“Those three kids chose to do something right,” Bob said. “We want to recognize those kinds of individuals. The press carries everything that is wrong with kids. We don’t get enough attention on the kids who have character or accomplish something.”

The Bob & Billie Holcomb Family Youth Hall of Fame Fund also annually funds a scholarship to the recipient of the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis Youth of the Year award.



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