Apply for a Community Grant

The 2024 application is available now. Applications are available through an online portal.

Application are due January 25, 2024 at 12 PM with funding decisions made by April.

The Benton Community Foundation encourages all applicants to contact BCF to discuss any question related to your application. We’re a friendly organization so call us or email us if you have questions or get stuck. 

If you are a recipient of a 2021 or 2022 grant you may access your application and complete any follow up requirements in the portal.

About BCF Community Grants

BCF Community Grants focus on local funding opportunities that are tailored to support the long term success of children, youth and families throughout Benton County. BCF does fund capacity and capital projects but the project must also fit within one of the priority areas below. All grant requests must be for a program which supports the growth and success of children, youth, and families in Benton County and fit within one of the following priorities:

  • Arts and Culture  (e.g. art programs, musical opportunities for youth)
  • Human Services  (e.g. school supplies, emergency food, other basic need type asks)
  • Education and Youth Development  (e.g. education, mentorship, early literacy, scholarships for programs)
  • Community Betterment (e.g.park improvements, community health and safety programs or events)

For additional information concerning grants or the Benton Community Foundation please feel free to contact the Foundation at 541-753-1603 or email Brittany Kennedy, Director of Grants and Programs,

See past grant recipients.