Corvallis Aqua-Thusiasts Fund

About the fund

A speeding racer rounds the curve, heading toward the finish line on the Willamette River, where Aqua-Thusiasts held race events.

From the early 1950s to 1978, the Aqua-Thusiasts club served as an active social and purpose-filled club for water-lovers. Unfortunately, a flood in 1970 destroyed the club’s social center, a boathouse, and the club ultimately disbanded in 1978. At this time, they sold club-owned property along the river. The remaining officers decided to use the profits to support water-related charitable gifts. After donating eight fully-equipped canoes to the Explorer Scouts, others to the Boy Scouts, and a $3,000 dock to the Girl Scouts at Camp Whispering Winds, the members established an Endowed Fund with Benton Community Foundation to benefit Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.

Founding and Purpose

Club Activities