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Creation of the Benton Community Foundation

Corvallis Rotary Club

Forty years after receiving their Club Charter, the Corvallis Rotary founded the Benton Community Foundation (then known as The Benton County Foundation) on February 21, 1953. The formation of a community foundation for Benton County was the inspiration of Percy P. Locey.

Corvallis Rotary President Dick Hanson appointed three club members to execute the Articles of Incorporation: E.B. Lemon; Elmo Johnson; and, R.M. Peffer.

The newly formed community foundation began operations with $1,500 contributed by the Club and a $1,000 bequest from Robert Johnson, early owner and publisher of the Corvallis Times and president of the Benton County State Bank.

About the Fund

The Club established its first fund at Benton Community Foundation in 1967 and a second fund—the Rotary Club of Corvallis Donor Advised Fund—in 1999. In 2009, the Club established a scholarship fund in cooperation with the other Benton County Rotary clubs.


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