Quilts from Caring Hands


  • 2023 Grant Recipient Spotlight
  • Organization: Quilts from Caring Hands
  • Priority Area: Basic Needs
  • Funding Awarded: $2,000

The women (and men) of Quilts from Caring Hands make and give away quilts to children in difficult life situations. In 2023, we celebrated our 30 th year and 15,000 quilt. We were fortunate that you were willing to recognize and fund our largest expense with your $2,000 grant award for rent and sewing supplies.

With your grant funds we gave away 797 quilts and cuddlers to 19 different social service agencies, hospitals and schools, from Lebanon to Philomath and everywhere in between. We received extraordinarily high requests from places like Trillium Farm Home and Good Samaritan Hospital. We were just barely able to meet this challenge.

We received wonderful letters of gratitude from agencies who are not permitted to give out personal information about individuals who have our quilts. “For me the quilts symbolize a deep respect for each woman and child who comes through our shelter. What a beautiful way to honor survival.”— Mary Zelinka, Shelter Coordinator for Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence.